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Picking Purple Grapes

At our farm-to-table restaurant, we're inspired by the local ingredients of the Southern Interior. We celebrate the produce of the Okanagan that allows us to offer unique and exciting culinary experiences. Our mission is to foster a sustainable food ecosystem, support local farmers, and provide a dining experience that embodies the relaxed rhythm and spirit of wine country.

in the heart of Naramata

Meet Our chef

Tristan Bunkowski, lives to progress the experience of dining. With a locally-focused mindset, as well as a talent for hospitality, Tristan has spent the last decade of his career perfecting the art of cooking by travelling and tasting the cuisines of the world. Tristan honed his skills working in Thailand under Michelin Star Chefs, Garmina Arora and Gaggan Andand, which brought him familiarity with global flavours and a newfound respect and discipline for the culinary arts. Recently, he's found more passion for high-end hospitality and catering by offering his services to guests in a world renowned heliskiing resort in Northern B.C. 


Now, he's brought his talents back to Naramata— to the heart of Okanagan wine country. At the locally-inspired Terroir Kitchen, Tristan offers his guests farm-to-table cuisine that borrows influence from his experience cooking fresh, vegetable-forward dishes, his Euro-Canadian background, and his passion for unique and exciting dining experiences.

Joey Dicaire, a culinary enthusiast born in Vancouver, B.C., brings a rich work history and a vibrant personality to his role as General Manager of Terroir Kitchen. With a passion for exploring new cuisines, Joey's upbringing immersed him in a tapestry of culinary traditions, shaping his eclectic tastes and deep appreciation for global flavours.


Transitioning from a background in bartending, Joey seamlessly blends his hospitality expertise with a keen eye for operational excellence, ensuring every guest experience is nothing short of exceptional. Joey's unwavering commitment to culinary innovation continues to elevate the dining scene in Naramata, creating a haven where every meal is an adventure worth savouring. 

Meet Our general manager

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